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Chloes EZ DUZ IT

EZ DUZ IT is a very beautiful boy who has developed wonderful color and a fantastic pattern.  He is the son of Speakeasy's Easy Lover, the top winning bengal in TICA showing circuit for the show year '01-'02.  His mother is Chloes Brandi Wine (she may be seen on the 'Professional Photos' page).
The photo to the left and the three below were taken 12-27-01.  Chloes EZ-DUZ-IT is maturing into a handsome boy with a sharp bold mosaic pattern of color and clarity!
In these photos, shot in the summer of 2002, EZ-DUZ-IT has matured, in to a very handsome, typey fellow.  I have left the photos above when he was younger to provide clear visual example of the various stages of his growth and development.
The photo to the left is the most recent photo of EZ-DUZ-IT taken at over FOUR years of age.  He has maintained his extraordinary color, contrast and exceptional coat clarity with vivid outlining and falling out pattern.

Witsend Candy Man Can of Chloes

Witsend Candy Man Can of Chloes has come to be a future stud here at Chloes.  Candy Man was sired by RW SGC Witsend Alchemist and his dam is Shombayheart Catwoman of Witsend.  I want to thank Linda Marie of Witsend for this very sweet loving boy.  Candy Man is getting very handsome with outlining and excellent contrast.  His soft coat is very silky to the touch, and he has a very nice Bengal type.
These photos of Candy Man were taken 2/22/08.  Candy Man has a lot to offer my breeding program, I'm anxious for him to mature and to see the kittens he and my queens produce.
This photo was added 6/6/08.  Candy Man has matured into a solid stud with an awesomely thick tail and vibrant color and contrast.

To see photos of some of the present and past Queens and Studs be sure to visit the Professional Photos pages.


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