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Hello all you cat Lovers!  I hope you enjoy this page as much as I am while putting it together.  I wanted to create it to honor some of the cats from Chloes' lines that have earned, or are expected to earn, titles at shows.  I also want to take this opportunity to thank other breeders that have invested the time, work and funds so that these cats could earn titles.


RW SGC Chloes Chief Strong Medicine 
of Tapastree

RW SGC Chloes Chief Strong Medicine of Tapastree, 'Chief', born here at Chloes to RW SGC DFRBengals Medicine Man of Chloes and Chloes Electra Gem. This beautiful male earned 17th place in Bengals shown internationally in TICA for the show year '02-'03.  He also earned Best Marble Bengal in our region and 3rd Best Brown Marble Internationally for the year.  Our region also awarded him 17th Best Cat in our region and 11th Best Short Hair Cat.


Dianne Pizzanello of Tapastree devoted her efforts that 'the Chief' could do this. Thank you Dianne for having the faith in him that I always did and giving him this opportunity.  His sons and daughters are now going to shows and winning titles.

QGC Chloes Verdigris of Witsend

Chloes Verdigris of Witsend, 'Verdi' was born here at Chloes to Van Isle Vermont of Witsend and Chloes Brandi Wine.  Verdi earned 14th Best Short Hair Cat of the Year for 2004.


The last I heard from a very excited Linda Marie of Witsend in a message on the machine, he had earned his Quad Grand Championship!  Thank you Linda Marie for your patience and assistance that enabled him to achieve this.

Also earning titles are sons and daughters of Chloes EZ Duz It (born here at Chloes by Speakeasy Easy Lover and Chloes Brandi Wine). Thank you Chris and Gary of Speakeasy for allowing me to establish this bloodline here at Chloes.

SGC Earth Wind and Fire of Tapastree


This boy, SGC Earth Wind and Fire of Tapastree (Sire: Chloes EZ Duz It, Dam: Chloes Lots O Spots Sheba) earned his Supreme Grand Championship in about 2 months of showing in TICA!!  Dianne is doing a great job with him. Thanks again Dianne!!

CH Razzberri Wine of Chloes


A litter mate of 'Fire', CH Razzberri Wine of Chloes, has also done well.  On her 1 day of showing as an adult in TICA, she earned her Championship.  We hope to get out for some more shows before Razz has babies....

CH Chloes Landslide of AdventureBeach

CH Chloes Landslide of Adventure Beach is another daughter of Chloes EZ Duz It (and Chloes Mackenzia Mae).  Thank you, Debbie Garcia-Bengochea for getting her out.

I have provided a few photos of 'Landslide' to demonstrate how her pattern has developed and blossomed from a horizontal flowing design with acreage to a vivid mosaic of color and contrast!

The photos below were taken by Debbie Garcia-Bengochea of AdventureBeach Bengals.  What a beautiful cat and excellent photography!!  Thank you Debbie!!


QCH Chloes Waterfall of AdventureBeach

QGC Chloes Waterfall of Adventure Beach is a daughter of Chloes EZ Duz It and Chloes Norma Raymona.  Waterfall is a seal lynx marbled Bengal, with exceptional color, contrast, and outlining.  Waterfall was awarded ACFA's 2004 Inter-American Second Best Seal Marble Lynx Point Bengal for the 2003-2004 show season.  The photos below are by Debbie Garcia-Bengochea of AdventureBeach Bengals.  Thank you, Debbie!


GCH Chloes Painted Spirit
of AdventureBeach 

This boy has moved to Florida to live with Debbie Garcia-Bengochea and her family.  He is the son of Chloes EZ Duz It & Chloes Mackenzia Mae.  As a kitten Spirit finished 15th in TICA in only three shows!  He has begun his adult show career with 9 year old James Bengochea handling him for the judging and for the agility exercise.  Only 3 weeks after his move to Florida, Spirit captured 5 finals in 10 rings and 2 of those finals were for 'Best Cat'!  Painted Spirit was honored by TICA's, Northeast Region, by receiving a plaque for 20th Best Allbreed Kitten for '03-'04.  Painted Spirit was also honored by receiving a certificate for 2nd Best Bengal Kitten!  The photos below are by Debbie Garcia-Bengochea of AdventureBeach Bengals.  Thank you, Debbie!

Agility exercise is a new facet of showing that is intended to show a cat's agility and their ability to be trained and how well they work with their handler.  Click below to see James Bengochea and Spirit during the agility exercise competition at a recent ACFA show.

Agility Page

Show Update!

Chloes Painted Spirit of Adventure Beach was bred and raised until 7 months old here at Chloes, now he is owned by Debbie Garcia-Bengochea and shown by her son, James - who has been a busy boy!!

Spirit has been to a few ACFA shows with his new family and has earned the title of Grand Champion.  This is ACFA's top award, you go from Champion, Double Champion, Triple Champion, Quad Champion and then to Grand Champion.  Spirit achieved this in 3 shows!!!

Spirit has been to one TICA show.  It was a very big show, called On Safari, where once a year Bengals from all over meet and compete against each other.  Spirit did very well and received several awards, see list below!


Best of the Best Adult Congress Bengal for On Safari 2004; Spirit tied for first place. 

Best of the Congresses Bengal Adult Male for On Safari 2004, Spirit again tied for first.

Breeder's Choice  Best Marble Adult Male award for On Safari 2004.

Breeder's Choice   Best Bengal Adult Male award for On Safari 2004. 

Breeder's Choice   Best Bengal Adult Ears award for On Safari 2004.

Breeder's Choice   Best Bengal Adult Tail award for On Safari 2004.


ACFA Quadruple Grand Champion / Supreme Roll of Honor 

TICA Regional Winner Double Grand Champion

2004 - 2005  ACFA - Best Bengal Cat

2004 - 2005 ACFA #2 Inter American Best Cat

2004 - 2005 ACFA South East Region Best Cat

Spirit - Winning Best Cat
Spirit - Receiving Best Cat Award

James - Receiving award from Jean Mills
James - Receiving award from Kurt

These wins are truly fantastic and I am so pleased with how well this awesome boy is doing!!  I want to thank Debbie Garcia-Bengochea of Adventure Beach for getting him to the shows - come 1 hurricane after the other!  Also her son, James, who handled Spirit for these shows by himself at only 9 years old.  James also received an award from Jean Mills, founder of our bengal breed.  Congratulations!!! 

There have been other cats and kittens from Chloes that have done well, and there will be new faces here from time to time, so do drop back in and see what's happening!

Before we leave this page, I want to thank the judges, clubs and all the people who work so hard to put on the shows.  THANK YOU!  If you have not been to a show, watch for one in your area and go see what you are missing!

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