Chloes Sir Virgilante "Virgil" checking out his new fish tank-no, there isn't any water in it here. He got in it while we were trying to get it set up for him. It was his Christmas present. He gets lots of nice things for Christmas and he always has birthday parties with the whole family over and lots of presents.

Virgil is very smart, loving, and very active and playful. He sometimes shows a 'wildness' in the way he 'stocks' my husband or me. He loves to jump and climb so we brought in a tree for him to play in and he loves it. We fixed carpeted platforms and toys are hanging in it. He also likes to play and walk in water so I sometimes draw 4 or 5 inches in the tub and let him play in it.

He is very friendly with everyone that comes by and they all like him. I've had many compliments on his beautiful coat and pattern and the fact that he has a pelt instead of cat fur. He doesn't seem to bother people that have allergies quite as much as regular cats. He is a very happy and contented inside cat.

I may be prejudice, but I think he is the most gorgeous cat I've ever seen.

Nancy Bean
(603) 447-2285


Carolyn, I've enclosed pictures of Winnie as promised. As you can see from the pictures she is endlessly curious and usually into something or somewhere she's not supposed to be. She is always "helping" me with my chores like making beds or washing dishes.

Although  our other four cats are much older than she is , the 'Queen Bee' eats first, gets the best place on the bed and monopolizes all sunbeams. They are willing to let her have her way most of the time.

In short, she is wonderfully entertaining and totally adorable. I love seeing her face in the window every night when I get home from work. I really don't know how I managed to survive without her.



Hello Carolyn,
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how my beautiful boy Kabuki is doing. He is the most wonderful cat I have! He is so sweet, its hard to believe that he is an F2, he is actually more loving and friendly than my F4 boy.

In the month since I got him at 16 weeks old, he gets more beautiful everyday! He really looks a lot like his sister. I just viewed your new web page and could not believe how similar they are. Oh, and that picture of Ocelot showing her tummy is his tummy exactly. 

Iím so thankful I have him, I canít wait to race home from work everyday and be with him. He is such a love and a great companion.

Oh, and your new website is Fantastic.

Take care, and I will be sending some pictures of Kabuki real soon.

Kathy Smith

Sophie - Queen of the Swiss Chalets Village Innn

alias "Sophia Weazel"

Sophie is a very unique cat. She is very intelligent, lovable, and has the perception and cunningness of a cat in the wild. At the same time she is very affectionate, charismatic and loves people. Her meow is unlike any youíve ever heard from a domestic cat. Unlike most cats, she has no fear of dogs. She enjoys harassing our dog Rhogy constantly by eating his food and jumping over his tail as he tries taking his daily nap.

Sophie is a very active feline. She is always looking for adventure. At home, I attached four corrugated boxes together to create a tower house for Sophie. I placed holes in the floors and ceiling inside the boxes which allows her to move from one box to another. This didnít satisfy Sophie. She decided to redecorate herself by enlarging the holes which allows her to pop her head through. It also prevents her from getting caught while trying to jump 5 feet away.

Sophie charms everyone who comes into contact with her including the guests and children staying at the Swiss Chalets. Returning guests now ask for her when they call to make another reservation.

If Sophie could talk, she would say that she is the Queen of the Swiss Chalets Village Inn. She displays an aristocratic attitude with how she struts and holds her head high that says: "Yes, I am the Queen!"

Sophie has filled our lives with endless entertainment and love. She is best friends with our front desk staff.

Lynne Bridgwood

Hi Carolyn: 

Astaga Naga DA IS everything and more!


The children love him and he loves them.  He is relaxed, trusting and always ready to play. He is definitely not an under the couch kitty. His absolute favorite toy is our other catís tail, which he simply cannot resist.  Every evening after dinner he dances with us, hopping around like a jumping bean with his tail all puffed up. It is the cutest thing.  His markings continue to astound us.  He is so beautiful.  Now that he is growing out of his fuzzies, we can see that heís getting more copper glitter every day. It is hard to get a good picture of him because he is so shiny.  Iím sure that heís going to look even better next month.  Donít worry, Iíll send you more pictures. 


Astaga is a real joy.  He has brought much laughter to our home as well as lovely, quiet affectionate moments when the children stroke him.  He especially likes his chin and stomach rubbed.  Your cats are so beautiful we wish we could have another! Thank you so much.

Cobina Gillitt

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