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Chloes Mint Julep

Chloes Mint Julep is the daughter of Chloes Brandi Wine and RW SGC Shiverden Yahoo of Wildlove.  Mint Julep is a typey, long-bodied brown marbled female with vivid, colorful 'outlining'.  Her face is complimented by well placed ears, well opened rounded eyes, strong chin and puffy whisker pads.  Her tail is wonderfully thick, with rounded tip.

Chloes Drucilla DeVilla


Drucilla DeVilla was born 3-21-04 to Chloes EZ Duz It and Chloes Mackenzia Mae.  This sweet seal lynx point marble girl will be going to shows for awhile before she settles down to motherhood.  She displays awesome contrast!
These are the newest photos of Drucilla DeVilla.  This blue eyed, seal lynx marbled girl has matured into an exceptionally well contrasted beauty with well a defined horizontally flowing pattern.  She also has an awesome profile and smallish, rounded ears.  Drucilla is a full sister to Chloes Painted Spirit.
Vivid Color


Horizontal flow

Bamboo Kisses Sweeter Then Wine
of Chloes
Date of Birth: 8-11-07
Sire: CH Bamboo King Tutankhamen 
Dam:  Uniquely Serena of Bamboo 

This delightful girl comes to us from Bamboo cattery.  She has an excellent profile, and a beautiful expressive face.  Her plush, soft coat features well placed spots with acreage.  She also has a nicely thick tail.
This awesome SBT golden glittered female is still in the fuzzies, but is already showing a clear golden soft coat, with excellent rosetted pattern, contrast, great profile, small rounded ears and puffy whisker pads.
The following photos were taken 2/22/08.  Kissie loves to cuddle and kiss - just look at the love in her face!  In the right photo below, she is pictured with Luvbug.
The following photos were posted 6/6/08.  As an adult, Kissie continues to exhibit an excellent profile, and a beautiful expressive face.  Her soft coat remains plush, with well placed spots and acreage.

Chloes Luvbug Rising

This delightful brown marbled girl is complimented by a beautiful face with vivid cheek streaks and smallish ears.  Her plush, pelted coat features bold color, contrast and an intricate pattern.  She also has an awesomely thick tail.  This girl has a delightful temperament.
Luvbug is very loving and has developed such an interesting, bold, vibrant pattern that is intricate in design.  She is well balanced with a long body, substantial bone structure, and a thick tail.  We enjoy having her in our breeding program.

Chloes Sherri Wine

At only one month of age, Sherri Wine's pattern is just blossoming, with dramatic color, contrast and falling out pattern.  She also has an exquisite face with well placed smallish ears, expressive eyes, puffed whisker pads and strong chin.
The photos below were taken 2/22/08.  This typey girl is developing chaining and outlining!  What a beauty!
Chloes Sherri Wine was born on 11-11-07 to Chloes Mint Julep sired by Chloes Running Man.  She has an excellent pedigree.  Julep is down from Chloes Brandi Wine and RW SGC Shiverden Yahoo of Wildlove, while Running Man is down from Chloes EZ Duz it, son of IW, RW, SGC Speakeasy Easy Lover.  Sherri Wine meets the Bengal standard exceptionally well.  She has a intricate pattern with exceptional vibrant color, contrast and coat clarity.  I expect Sherri Wine to contribute greatly to my breeding program here at Chloes in the future.

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