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Chloes Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady has an extraordinarily beautiful face, with well opened rounded eyes, puffy whisker pads and strong chin.  Her coat is plush pelted, velvet like coat is complimented with a vivid mosaic pattern of extraordinarily vibrant color, contrast and coat clarity color and contrast.  Foxy also has plush pelted, satiny soft coat and thick tail.
To the right and below are the most recent photos of Foxy Lady, taken December 2006.  Foxy had definitely lived up to her name - she had blossomed into an extraordinarily contrasted beauty with exceptional contrast, color and pattern!

Chloes Kookies N Kream

This little girl is already showing an extraordinary intricate, chaotic pattern!
The photos of this gorgeous seal lynx point marbled beauty were shot mid December 2006.  This playful, affectionate young lady has a velvety, plush glittered pelted coat complimented by an exceptional intricate, chaotic pattern with chaining and brilliant color and contrast.
These photos of Kookies N Kream were taken 4/07 - she is developing into an extraordinarily beautiful, contrasted Seal Lynx Point with outlining and chaining!

These photos of Kookies N Kream were taken 2/22/08.

Chloes Mocha DeLight 

Chloes Mocha DeLight was born 1-31-06 to Chloes Mint Julep (pictured above) and was sired by Chloes EZ Duz It.  Her grand dam on both sides is one of my very best queens, Chloes Brandi Wine.  The purpose of this type of breeding is to lock in genes from the common ancestor - in this case, Brandi.  Mocha is also a half sister to that fabulous Chloes Painted Spirit of Adventure Beach, check him out on our Show Stoppers page.  I'm really looking forward to this girl's babies, they should be very nice indeed.

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