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Chloes Chained Melodie
x Castleblaney Bailey of Katzpaw 
Three Girls Born 4-9-07

Three Girls
Pictured on 4-15-07  at 1 week of age

This litter consists of two brown spotted females and one seal lynx female.  The two brown spotted girls are already showing considerably large spots and rosettes with acreage on a rufoused background.  The snow female's pattern is beginning to develop - she also has a nice thick tail.  Photos of the father (Bailey) can be seen here.

The Seal Lynx Point Spotted Girl

These photos were taken on 7-21-07.  This long bodied girl has a lovely face.  Her pattern is complimented by well placed spots and rosettes with acreage.
Here are the newest photos, posted  9/26/07.  This beautiful girl is complimented by a typey, long body and thick tail.  She has a nice profile and well placed smallish ears.

Chloes Nala

This girl we call Nala was born 4-7-06 to Chloes Eureka and sired by Chloes EZ Duz It.  She is a very loving girl and would like to have a forever loving pet home.  Here she is shown at 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 14 weeks, and at 1 1/2 years of age.


RW SGC Witsend Alchemist
x Chloes Effie Mae
F3 Male Bengal Born 9-18-06

RW SGC Witsend Alchemist (pictured below).
RW SGC Witsend Alchemist and Chloes Effie Mae are the parents to the charming F3 boy pictured below.  This handsome boy is pictured at 12 weeks of age.  He has a very typey, beautiful, wild looking face with vivid well opened, rounded eyes, and nice small ears!  His pattern is complimented by arrow head shaped rosettes and spots on a lightly rufoused background.  This affectionate boy would make an awesome, irresistible pet.
Here are the newest photos taken 4/17/07 of this stunning boy.  He has an exotically wild looking face, with well opened eyes small rounded ears and vivid facial markings and cheek streaks.  This guy is very loving and will make someone an awesome pet.

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