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Chloes Gee Cluenee

Chloes Gee Cluenee was born on 11-11-07.  I am offering Gee Cluenee as a very special pet at this time.  He has developed a slight tension tail fault at the end of his tail so I won't be using him as a stud in my breeding program. This type of tail fault is not always felt.  When he is being petted and loving it, his tail curves at the very end.  Gee Cluenee is very beautiful with his sleek coat, vibrant color and great contrast, nice interesting pattern, and wonderful temperament.  I will miss him a lot!  Price will include current shots and neuter.

Chloes Beau Ty

This boy it out of Chloes Goodgollymissmolly and Chloes EZ Duz It.  The two pictures to the left and the three below were taken on 7-21-07.  He has such a handsome face with expressive eyes, puffed whisker pads and strong chin.  His horizontally flowing pattern features vivid color and contrast.
The photos below were posted 9/26/07.  This handsome boy is complimented by a plush, pelted coat with a vivid mosaic pattern of bold color and contrast.  His pattern also features prominent outlining and chaining.  He has an expressive face with well opened rounded eyes, smallish ears, puffed whisker pads and strong chin.  He is also complimented by a thick tail.  This boy has a great temperament and would be wonderful addition to an approved breeding program or he would make someone a very special pet.
This boy is getting very beautiful with outlining and chaining plus he is a very sweet loving boy.
The following photos were taken 6/2/08.  Chloes Beau Ty is mature now and he is such a handsome guy!  He does not spray or yodel - his sire has never done these things and I hope Beau has inherited these traits from EZ Duz It (Edi).  Edi is so easy to have as a stud - low maintenance, no problem having him in the house because he is so good.  I am offering Beau as a breeder to an approved small in-home program.

Chloes Effie Mae 
x Chloes EZ Duz It
One Male Born 2-21-06

Bahama Boy is an F3 Bengal.  BB has a superb profile, with smallish rounded ears, puffy whisker pads, and strong chin.  His extraordinary physique is complimented by a long body and thick tail.  His dynamic pattern features bold spots and rosettes with acreage on a lightly rufoused background. BB is a one of kind boy has a very sweet temperament.  The first 6 photos were taken 7/15/06 - the last two photos was shot 4/15/07.

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