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Here at Chloes we enjoy beautiful loving cats and kittens that are brown or snow, and we have leopards (spotted) and marble.  It is a pleasure to share this wonderful breed with visitors and place kittens and occasionally an adult in a home where they will be loved and will bring much happiness. 

Our goal is to maintain the exotic look of the ALC (Asian Leopard Cat)  while striving to improve the breed, to produce cats with the best health and temperaments and put together the best heads, bodies and coats found on a Bengal.  Bengals from Chloes (F2 to SBT) should delight everyone who encounters them.

Each one goes to their new home with a written contract that guarantees that he/she is free of serious health problems, genetic defects and has a temperament fit for family life.  Each will also have had shots and a vet check and will have a written health certificate.

Anyone who gets a Chloes Bengal also gets a written pedigree, the opportunity to register their new friend and a commitment from Chloes that their Bengal will be all it should be and more.

Shipping is available but we would rather have visitors come and meet the crew and see which Bengal is the perfect one for them.

Chloe's will be expecting litters throughout the year and may have cats/kittens that are available but not shown here.  Check in again for up-dates or E-mail me for more details.


Please Note!
Chloes will be cutting back and we do have some other cats we would consider placing.  Also, we will be offering the cats and kittens on these pages for a reduction in price.  Please get in touch and we can discuss the cats/kits in which you are interested.

Bamboo Kisses Sweeter Then Wine 
of Chloes 
x Chloes EZ Duz It
3 Bengals Born 6-25-08

"Boo Tail"
Boo had a sort of lump develop on his tail which the vet (after shaving a portion of his tail) removed.  The vet said it was most likely where another kitten had bit him or maybe he got his tail caught in a door or the like.  This boy is very sweet; he would make a great pet or I would consider him going as a stud.  He carries his dad's marble gene and possibly SLP also.

Seal Lynx Point Male Left - Brown Spotted Female Right
.... additional photos to follow below ....

Seal Lynx Point Spotted Male
This boy is playful and also very sweet!  His spotted pattern features spots and acreage.  He would make a terrific pet.

Brown Spotted Female
This lovely girl has a horizontally flowing pattern with lots of acreage.  She also has a short thick tail.  She can hold her own with her bigger brother!

Planning to retire soon:
Chloes Foxy Lady
We may be retiring additional exceptional cats, please E-mail for additional info!

CH Razzberri Wine of Chloes

CH Razzberri Wine of Chloes (Razz) was born 3-9-03 to Chloes Lots O Spots Sheba and Chloes EZ Duz It.  Razz is a litter mate to Earth Wind and Fire of Tapastree who earned his Supreme Grand Championship in 2 months time showing in TICA.  Razz earned her Championship the Sunday she was old enough to compete as an adult, she has not had the opportunity to compete since then.  Razz has a wonderfully contrasted coat, with brilliant outlining.  Her pattern is characterized by well flowing unique horizontal shapes with splashes of bold color.  Her thick tail is quite unique and rare with a 'clouded leopard' appearance!

RW SGC Witsend Alchemist
x CH Razzberri Wine of Chloes
4 Brown Spotted Bengals Born 1-14-08

The Two Medium Sized Girls

The Large and Smaller Girl

The following photos of Razz's kittens were taken on 6/2/08.
The girls are pictured at 19 weeks of age.

The Largest Girl
The following photos were taken on 6/2/08, at 19 weeks of age.  This lovely girl has a horizontally flowing spotted/rosetted pattern on a cool background.  She also has a nice, thick tail.  Her color is cooler than it appears in these photos.

The Rufous Girl
This girl's vibrant color and contrast are eye catching.  She also has a gorgeous face!  Her typey head is complimented by small, well placed ears, and full whisker pads.  This girl was one of the medium sized girls pictured above. 

The Cool Girl
This girl has a lovely face with well opened rounded eyes, large whisker pads and strong chin.  She has a cool background with a vivid spotted pattern, like her sister, she also has a nice thick tail.  This girl was one of the medium sized girls pictured above.

The Smaller Girl
This girl has a nice profile, well spotted/rosetted pattern and a thick rosetted tail.

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