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Jumanji's Kabuki

Jumanji's Kabuki is a brother to CeTarra. "Kabuki" loves to pose for his 'mom'. Here he is displaying his beautiful white tummy. 
This is Jumanji's Kabuki.  He is an F-2 Bengal.  He is a son of Bundas Ocelot of Chloes.  He enjoys being out of doors, with supervision, wearing a harness and lead. 
"Kabuki" loves to 'stalk'.

Notice his awesome profile, and small rounded ears.  "Kabuki" also displays brilliant coloration and contrast.

Here he is, all grown up!

Chloes Cleo


This daughter of Electra X Medicine Man is pictured here to demonstrate how marbles develope.
The little girl above (Chloes Cleo) is all grown up now, and a beloved pet.  Isn't she a 'knock-out'!

This is F-2 Chloes Shogun (Ocelot's boy) enjoying his new home with his pal, Harley.

Chloes Effie Mae and Chloes EZ Duz It are the parents to the three gorgeous kittens below.  Effie can seen on the Queen.  EZ Duz It can be seen on the Stud page. 

The Boy!
The photos above were taken about 2 1/2 weeks of age; the photo to the right was shot around 7 1/2 weeks of age. 

He has an exotic rosetted pattern, coat clarity and a nice thick tail!

The Girls!
This beautiful typey beauty has a horizontal flowing arrow-head rosetted pattern with acreage.

This beautiful typey girl is characterized by well placed spots and rosettes on a light rufoused background. 

Chloes Wild Brontus

Chloes Wild Brontus is a very typey F3 boy that has been neutered.  He is the son of Chloes Effie Mae and Chloes EZ Duz It.  Born 4-17-05, this extraordinary boy is available as an awesome pet.  Wild Brontus exhibits a bold, well contrasted chaotic pattern on a plush pelted coat.  He has an excellent profile, with vivid cheek streaks and smallish ears.  He is also complimented by a very thick tail with rounded tip.  Wild Brontus has moved to a new home as a very special pet.

Chloes Carrabassett Mae

Chloes Carrabassett Mae, daughter of Chloes EZ Duz It and Chloes Effie Mae, was born 2-22-03.  She has lovely, expressive, well opened eyes and large arrow-head rosettes with acreage.
Carrabassett is developing into a lovely queen.  She has nicely rounded ears, and expressive, nocturnal eyes. 
Carrabassett has a typey, lengthy body, with very large arrow-head shaped spots and rosettes with acreage on a rufoused, glittered background.

Chloe's Goodgollymissmolly

This is Chloe's Goodgollymissmolly born 2-15-02 to Wit's End Noteable of Chloe's and Chloe's Norma Raymona.  She is very dark, with great contrast.  Goodgollymissmolly is very sweet and well mannered.

Castleblaney Bailey of Katzpaw

Bailey is a brown spotted tabby Bengal, born 4/9/05.  He is the grandson of OS RW SGC Stonehenge Wurththawate of Snopride.  Bailey is complimented by well opened green eyes, extraordinarily puffed whisker pads, strooooong chin, and thick tail.  His plush, pelted coat features well placed rosettes with acreage.  Thanks to Shirli Place and Sandi Creel for permitting Bailey to come visit.

Additional Photos
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