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Askaribengals Sugar Plum 
of Chloes

Sugar Plum is tri-colored marbled Bengal.  She has a lovely face, rounded ears, and her coat is sooooo shiny. 

Chloes Dy No Mite

Chloe's Dy No Mite has a beautiful
face, lush pelted coat, and large
distinct horizontally aligned spots.

Three's company for Cara Ott and her family.

Chloes Electra Gem (left), Chloes Celebration Time (bottom left) and his brother (right).

Chloe's Electra & 
Chloes Dy No Mite

Chloes Dy No Mite produced some of my best kittens, she always took great care of her babies.  Chloes Electra Gem was also a great mom, she would have the big babies with great contrast like 'The Chief' and Desert Storm.

Chloes Heartbreaker of Navajo

Chloes Heartbreaker of Navajo born 8/4/00 is a daughter to Chloes Dy No Mite & RW SGC DFRBengals Medicine Man of Chloes.  Heartbreaker is enjoying life as very much beloved pet.

Chloes Kirby KaBoom

Chloes Kirby KaBoom (Boomer) is a brother to Heartbreaker (featured above).  Boomer is living life as a pampered pet.

Chloes Desert Storm

This is Chloes Desert Storm, a gorgeous seal lynx 'snow' marble with the 'falling' out pattern highly prized by Bengal breeders.  Notice her vibrant color and contrast!

Witsend Noteable of Chloes

Witsend Noteable of Chloes is retired now and living in a pet home.  He was a sweet- heart and a lot of fun to have around.  He gave us some nice breeder girls such as Chloes Note Tess Mee and Chloes Goodgollymissmolly.

Chloes  Yum Yum

Chloes Yum Yum is out of Chloes Effie Mae and Chloes EZ Duz It.  Yum Yum is absolutely stunning brown marbled tabby Bengal with a vivid, horizontal flowing pattern with sharp contrast and vivid splashes of color with outlining!  His typey face includes rounded ears, puffy whisker pads, strong chin and well opened rounded eyes.

Chloes Tonka Truck

This boy has lots of self confidence and a plush pelted, glittered coat as soft as mink.  He is already showing a breaking up of his vibrant pattern.  This handsome boy has well opened rounded eyes, smallish ears, exceptional puffed whisker pads and a typey profile.  He also has an awesomely thick tail!  This boy has been altered and placed in a pet home with a special little lady to love and care for him.

Chloes Big Sonic Heaven of Volare

The handsome, solid boy is well muscled with a thick tail.  He is complimented by smallish ears, strong chin, and thick tail.  His horizontally flowing pattern shows an intricate, chaotic pattern with exceptional contrast and clarity.

Chloes (Name Pending)

Chloes Mocha DeLight's girl sired by RW SGC Witsend Alchemist is joining Janice and Chris Becker of Ramatut Bengals in their breeding program and will be entering ACFA shows.  She is a doll and has it all!

CH Razzberri Wine of Chloes

CH Razzberri Wine of Chloes (Razz) was born 3-9-03 to Chloes Lots O Spots Sheba and Chloes EZ Duz It.  Razz is a litter mate to Earth Wind and Fire of Tapastree who earned his Supreme Grand Championship in 2 months time showing in TICA.  Razz earned her Championship the Sunday she was old enough to compete as an adult, she has not had the opportunity to compete since then.  Razz has a wonderfully contrasted coat, with brilliant outlining.  Her pattern is characterized by well flowing unique horizontal shapes with splashes of bold color.  Her thick tail is quite unique and rare with a 'clouded leopard' appearance!  Razz has passed her unique qualities to her kittens; Razz has been retired from my breeding program.

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