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Jumanji's CeTarra

F-2 Jumanji's CeTarra is a gorgeous filial Bengal.  Her features are accentuated by a very typey head and awesome rosettes.  CeTarra, is out of Bundas Ocelot and Decospots Arte Nouveau of Jumanji. 

Chloes Kabuki

Electra's little boy's spotted pattern is breaking up into individual spots down his back.  He demonstrates nice contrast.  Born 5-16-00.
 Here he is all grown up!  Isn't he awesome!

CH Don Juan

CH Don Juan is the son of Chloe and CH Windstorm Don Rafael of Firewalkers (son of IW SGC Gogees Jafar of Windstorm).  He was born May 23rd 1999.  'Don Juan' is a very sweet boy with a nice head, smallish ears, and a medium length thick tail.  Don Juan has such pretty arrowhead spots and rosettes.  He has spots all down his back and about 1/2 way down his tail.  Don Juan has been retired from breeding and is loving life with his new family. 

These two kittens are out of Askaribengals Sugar Plum of Chloes and Navajo Spirit Warrior of Chloes.  Brother and sister were adopted by the same family.

QGC Chloes Verdieris of Wit's End

What a beautiful face and awesome profile!  Click here to see more of Verdieris.

These beautiful little girls have gone to Colorado to join Barb Flight and her son, Brad, of BBBengals.


Chloes Princess Mama Mia

Mia is has a lovely, typey, expressive face with well opened, eyes.  Her pattern features tri-coloring and contrast.  She even has a thick rosetted tail!
Mia has blossomed into a stunning tri-colored marbled beauty with vivid outlining, contrast and bold color.  She is also quite affectionate and prefers to sleep cheek to cheek!
Mia is just a beautiful as ever!  She is an attentive mother, and she is passing on her unique attributes to future generations.

Chloes I C Hot of Spotsnglitz

IC Hot is a beautiful Seal Lynx Point Spotted boy, born July 2004.  He is a solid, muscular, long bodied boy with vivid well placed spots/rosettes and acreage.  IC Hot is out of Aspengold Copper MTN Man of Chloes and Razzberri Wine of Chloes. 
IC Hot has matured into an awesome, typey, rosetted seal lynx spotted Bengal with exceptional contrast.  He is complimented by a excellent profile, with substantial 'front and back skull', strong chin, a long well muscular body, and thick tail.

Chloes Cool Hand Duke

This handsome, long bodied boy is complimented by a plush, pelted coat with a vividly contrasted, horizontally flowing pattern.  He has a beautiful, expressive face with well opened rounded eyes, smallish ears, puffed whisker pads and strong chin.  He is also complimented by an awesomely thick tail.  He is a live wire but sweet and loves petting.  He is going to his new home to live with Ruth.  He is out of Chloes Buffalo Girl and Chloes EZ Duz It.

Click here to see videos of Cool Hand Duke.

Chloes Running Man

This boy has a 'running man' icon shape on his shoulder - hence his nick name, "Running Man".  This boy is the most laid back mellow kitten of the litter.  At 11 1/2 weeks of age Running Man's vibrant, falling out pattern is developing quite nicely.  His has a typey profile and a thick tail!
Running Man is now 1 year old and very beautiful, as you can see in these last 2 pictures (below).  His pattern is quite colorful and unique.  He is a very loving boy, he enjoys being petted and loves lots of praise and attention, and to be lavished with love.
Chloes Running Man has left home to live with Chloes Cool Hand Duke and his 'servants'.... Together they are having a ball and living the greatest pampered life a cat could ask for.

Professional Photos of Chloes Running Man
Click Here

Chloes Fire Spirit

Chloes Fire Spirit has moved to Italy to join Steve Garrett at Roman Bengals and will be producing beautiful baby bengals in his breeding program.

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