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Chloe's Note Tess Mee

This is Chloe's Note Tess Mee born 2-8-02.  Her sire is Wit's End Noteable of Chloes and her dam is Chloe's Mackenzia Mae.  This solid queen exhibits large typey rosetted spots with a horizontal alignment.  Her ears are rounded, and she has a nice thick tail.

Chloes Venus U R The 1

Chloes Venus U R The 1, daughter of Chloes Norma Raymona and Chloes EZ Duz It, has also gone to Kentucky to become buddies with Mike and Marie Bloodgood's ALC, Maximus.

Chloes EZ Luvin Spunfull

Chloes EZ Luvin Spunfull is a full sister to Chloes EZ Duz It.  EZ Luvin has gone to live with Linda Marie of Witsend because Linda Marie always loved this girl and just had to have her nearby!

DRFBengals Medicine Man

This is RW SGC DRFBengals Medicine Man, aka 'Mackababy', sire of several breeding Bengals here at Chloes.  'Mackababy' is a plush "pelted" marble with an exceptional contrasted pattern.  He is such a love, truly a gentle giant!  He is now retired and living in a loving pet home.
This is Medicine Man enjoying time to groove to some good old country music.

Navajo Spirit Warrior of Chloes

Spirit Warrior sired 1 litter of kittens here at Chloes then retired to a farm where he is enjoying life as a 'King'.

Chloes EZ On Z Eyes

Chloes EZ On Z Eyes is a beautiful male with a wonderful horizontal flowing pattern.  EZ on Z Eyes is residing as a breeder at Spotsnglitz with Betty Schilke.
The photos of Ez On Z Eyes to the left and below were taken 12-27-01.

Ez On Z Eyes is maturing into quite a handsome fellow.  His pattern is displaying the 'falling out' pattern within pattern that is a characteristic prized among Bengal breeders.  His coat is well contrasted and free of 'salt and peppering'.

Chloes EZ On Z Eyes is a 'love bug', with brilliant coloration, contrast, pattern and typey profile!

Bamboo ZaRus Wine N Roses 
of Chloes

Rosie is a beautiful F1 kitten from Bamboo Cattery in Kentucky.  She was born June 26th, 2004.  She is out of Chloes Brandi Wine of Bamboo and Za'Ru of Bamboo, an Asian Leopard Cat.  Rosie has awesome type!  Her typey features include small rounded ears, excellent profile and vivid ocelli.  She has a whited tummy, spotted legs, and rosettes with acreage, a plush pelt, and a thick tail!
Rosie is all grown up now.... and what a beauty she has turned out to be!  Rosie has an awesome profile, randomly placed horizontally flowing rosettes and a magnificent tail!

Chloes X-Tra Special of Spotsnglitz

This full sister to Chloes Painted Spirit has moved to the Chicago area.  To see some professional photos of the beauty, click here.

Chloes Carroll Chaining of Bamboo Bengals

These photos were taken at 11 1/2 week of age.  This guy is turning out to be an awesome fellow - from the tip of his typey profile to his thick tail!  The chain linked pattern is becoming quite pronounced along his back as he matures!  Chloes Carroll Chaining is now owned by Mike and Marie Bloodgood of Bamboo Bengals.
Professional Photos of Chloes Carrol Chaining 
Click Here

Chloes Lady Diva of AspenGold Bengals

These photos of Lady Diva were taken at 5 months.  Like her brother above, Lady Diva has chaining but it is difficult to see in these pictures.  Chloes Lady Diva is now owned by Judy Miers of AspenGold Bengals.
Professional Photos of Chloes Lady Diva 
Click Here

Chloes Mackenzia Mae

Chloes Mackenzia Mae, is a daughter of Chloes Dy No Mite and RW SGC DFRBengals Medicine Man.  She is a seal lynx point spotted girl born 2-12-01. The photo to the right was taken when Mackenzie was 12 1/2 weeks of age.

Notice how she has matured below and how her pattern has blossomed.  Mackenzie is a solid girl, with a very sweet temperament, and a very pretty coat with lots of glitter.

Chloes Mackenzia Mae is in her new home with my friend Charlotte.  "Mack" produced some wonderful babies including Painted Spirit and I'm glad she is living a pampered life now.

 CH Prattmandu Kuma of Chloes
Dam: Akashi
Best Brown Marble Bengal - SC Region 2004 and Third Best Bengal - SC Region 2004
Sire: CH Prattmandu Simply Marbleous

Kuma is a handsome, long bodied boy complimented by a plush, pelted coat with a vividly contrasted, horizontally flowing pattern.  He has a beautiful, expressive face with well opened eyes, puffed whisker pads, vivid cheek streaks and strong chin.  He is also complimented by an awesomely thick tail.

Photos by Helmi Flick

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