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This litter of 5 kittens was born 3/14/03.  Their sire is Chloes EZ Duz It.  Their dam is Chloes Norma Raymona.  The kittens are just a few hours old (left) and a few weeks old (right).
Below I have provided a kitten and near adult picture of each kitten from this litter in order to demonstrate how each kitten has matured and blossomed into typey, cutting edge Bengals.

Chloes Apollo

Chloes Apollo is enjoying life as a pampered pet with his best friend Justin.

Chloes Captain Hook

The Captains, Hook and Nemo, are together in a pet home, treasured by their owner.

Chloes Captain Nemo


Chloes Babys Breath of Aspengold

Baby's Breath is a very sweet Seal Lynx Point marbled girl that is getting more beautiful as time goes by.  Judy Miers of Aspengold plans to take her to shows and believes she will do well.

QGC Chloes Waterfall 
of AdventureBeach

Waterfall is also a Seal Lynx Point marbled girl.  She is maturing beautifully.  Thanks Debbie, for showing her.  Photo on right, courtesy of Debbie Garcia-Bengochea.  Thanks Debbie!  To see more photos of this beauty click here.

Chloes Marble Magic

Chloes Marble Magic is the daughter of Chloes EZ Duz It & Chloes Effie Mae.  She was born 11-6-03.  Marble Magic has an exotically beautiful, 'wild' looking face, well placed rounded ears and an bold horizontally flowing pattern.  Chloes Marble Magic has gone to California to be co-owned by Shirli Place of Raindancers Bengals & Sandi Creel of Katspaw Bengals.

DCH Chloes Painted Spirit
of AdventureBeach 

This boy has moved to Florida to live with Debbie Garcia-Bengochea and her family.  He is the son of Chloes EZ Duz It & Chloes Mackenzia Mae.  Spirit has begun his adult show career with 9 year old James Bengochea handling him for the judging and for the agility exercise.  Painted Spirit was honored by TICA's, Northeast Region, by receiving a plaque for 20th Best Allbreed Kitten for '03-'04.  Painted Spirit was also honored by receiving a certificate for 2nd Best Bengal Kitten!  The photos below are by Debbie Garcia-Bengochea of AdventureBeach Bengals.  Thank you, Debbie!
Please check out my 'Show Stoppers' and Agility page for additional pictures and more details.

Chloes White Lightning
of Raganwood

This boy moved to Kansas City to be with Ruth Ragan of Raganwood.  He is the son of AspenGold Copper MTN Man of Chloes and Chloes Goodgollymissmolly.  White Lightning is maturing into a beautiful seal lynx point spotted Bengal.  The photos below are by Ruth Ragan of Raganwood.  Thank you, Ruth!
White Lightning is a long bodied boy with a plush, pelted, glittered, well contrasted coat.  Thanks Ruth for sharing this most recent photo of Lightning with me!

Chloes Clouded Spirit 
of Adventure Beach

This is Chloes Clouded Spirit of Adventure Beach.  She was born 5-10-05, and is a full sister to Chloes Painted Spirit.  The first 2 pictures were taken when she was between 7 and 10 weeks of age.  This girl exhibits an extraordinarily well contrasted, horizontally flowing pattern and an awesomely thick tail.
The last 2 photos were taken at about 5 months of age.  She is developing very nicely, with a typey profile, small rounded ears and well a muscled - long body and awesome tail.  Debbie plans to exhibit Clouded Spirit, so be sure to watch for her on the show circuit!
The following two pictures of Cloud were taken when she was six months of age.  Cloud's pattern will continue to develop over the next year or so.  These photos were taken by Stacy Camba.

Chloes Eureka

Chloes Eureka was born 6-28-03 to RW SGC Shiverden Yahoo of Wildlove and Chloes Goodgollymissmolly.  Eureka is complimented by a contrasted pattern with outlining.  She has a wonderfully thick tail with rounded tip.

Chloes EZ Duz It x Chloes Eureka 

This girl has a beautiful face and smallish ears.  Her sharply contrasted pattern is complimented by chaotic shapes and vivid color.  She is very affectionate and loves attention - she never meets a stranger.  On her mom's side is Tarzan'; on Edi's side is Speakeasy Easy Lover.  I wanted to share a photos of the kids - they play with the kittens a lot.  The kitten is pictured here at 6 weeks of age.
Zachary is 11 years old now and is a big help with the cats. Dianne is 10 and loves all the cats.  She says she wants to raise Bengals when she is old enough.
Their dad, Rodney, has his hands full raising his kids and helping with all the work that goes into caring for the cats at Chloes Cattery.

Chloes Effie Mae

Effie Mae or 'EM' is an F-2 Bengal.  She is a daughter of  RW SGC DFRBengals Medicine Man of Chloes and Bundas Ocelot.  Chole's F-2 Effie Mae is a stunning, typey example of the Bengal breed.

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