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This is Chloe.  Chloe is a brown marbled tabby Bengal.  Chloe made such an impression on me that I decided to name my cattery after her.

Snow Tazzamae

Snow Tazz is a "snow marbled" Bengal.  Notice the chained-rosetting, this unique characteristic is highly prized!
Snow Tazzamae (left) pictured with a friend.  Snow Tazz was my second Queen, and my birthday present to me when Chloe was a year old.  Snow Tazz only gave me 2 babies  (Chloes Electra Gem and Chloes Dy No Mite) but both were excellent moms and since they carried their mom's snow and marble genes they laid the groundwork for the breeding program I that have today.

F1 Bundas Ocelot 

F-1 Bundas Ocelot, was a former Queen here at Chloes.  Ocelot is an awesome filial Bengal.  She exhibits outstanding type, coloration, pattern, and contrast with an extraordinarily spotted whited tummy and a personality to match.  In the center photo, Ocelot is pictured with her daughter, CeTarra.

RW SGC Chloes Chief Strong Medicine
Click here to see more of 'The Chief'.

The Chief was born here to RW SGC DFRBengals Medicine Man of Chloes and Chloes Electra Gem.  Electra was an excellent Queen and had some very nice kittens, but The Chief stood out as something special at a very early age. The Chief gave his 'hot color' to many of the kittens we have had here at Chloes.  His coat is such that often I thought I should have named him 'Satin Shirt'.

RW SGC Shiverden Yahoo of Wildlove
Sire: IW SGC Hunterdonhall Tarzan
Dam: Hunterdonhall Shiver
Came to visit at Chloes for a while!!!!!!


Chloes Brandi Wine

This fantastic girl was sired by GCH Chloes Don Juan, the only breeder son of my original queen, Chloe.  Brandi's mother was Askaribengals Sugar Plum.  Brandi was mated with Speakeasy Easy Lover (see below) and produced a wonderful litter that included my fantastic stud boy, Chloes EZ Duz It, and a stud boy named Chloes EZ On Z Eyes of Spotsnglitz.  Brandi Wine is now living in Kentucky with Mike and Marie Bloodgood of Bamboo and is being charmed by their Asian Leopard Cat, Maximus.  I can't wait to see the results of that union!

Speakeasy Easy Lover 

This beautiful male was the #1 Bengal in the TICA showing world a couple years ago.  Thanks to Chris and Gary of Speakeasy for letting him sire a wonderful litter with Chloes Brandi Wine which allowed me to produce some cutting edge marvelous marbles here at Chloes.  Photo courtesy of Chris & Gary Jacobson, Speakeasy Bengals.

Chloes Norma Raymona

Chloes Norma Raymona has produced some of the very best kittens here at Chloes and I will miss her but she has retired and will be happy in a loving pet home.

Chloes Dream Weaver of Aspengold

Dream Weaver, an F-4, is complimented by well opened rounded eyes, puffy whisker pads and a nice expression of white surrounding her eyes, whisker pads and undersides.

Aspengold Copper Mountain Man of Chloe

Aspengold Copper Mountain Man of Chloes, aka 'Spunky' came to Chloes from Judy Miers of Aspengold, Thank you Judy!!!  This boy carries for snow and marble and has produced a very beautiful snow marble girl who may be seen on the 'Queen' page (look for Chloes Caramella DeVilla).  Noteworthy ancestors include (to name a few)  RW TGC Albright Fleur de Caprio of Aspengold, RW QGC Dicaprio of Starbengal, and QGC Joykatz Beamer.  Spunky will be returning to Aspengold Bengals.

 Chloes Wildthing
Chloes Wildthing is an F3 male out of Chloes Effie Mae and sired by Chloes EZ Duz It.  He was born 4-4-04.  Wildthing is extraordinary typey, beautiful, strong, healthy, active, smart and so very, very wild looking with every movement he makes.  He has a very exotic face, with vivid cheek streaks.  Wildthing has matured into a solid, muscular, big handsome guy, with an awesome, leopard cat shaped profile, with small rounded ears and ocelli (light backed ears).  Wildthing has been neutered an is available to an approved home.

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