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Hi, my name is Timothy and this is me on a 'Little River Tour' in Daytona Beach, Florida - drinking a coke and taking it easy.
I love living in New Hampshire in the Ossipee area.  Right now I live with my mother but someday I want to have my own place.
I like to cook, I have taken some lessons and I cook sometimes with my mother.
I took dance lessons for a few years and was in recitals. That was a lot of fun.

I have also taken horse back riding lessons and won ribbons riding in Special Olympics.

I have done a little skiing in the past and that was fun too.

My brother, Rod, and I do lots of things together.

One day Rod and I went for a ride on this small airplane. I want to go again.

I love to swim.  There is an in-ground pool close to where I live, so I really enjoy swimming in the summer.  I also walk or ride my bike to a convenience store and a restaurant near by.

I'd like to have a girl friend and maybe get married someday.

I also want to get a job.  For now, I help some around the house and with the cats to earn some money that way.

I do not read or write much, but my mother will help me if I have some e-mail friends.  So if you have some of the same interests that I have, maybe we can e-mail each other once in a while.

There is a little more information about my interests on the About Us page.

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