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Hi, these are my kids, Zac and Dianne, and our home.



This is me, Rod, and the first oil painting I created.

Since then I have created a couple of more paintings and I hope to get a chance to paint more in the future.


This is a custom made computer center I built for my mother. There are actually three separate pieces. The desk features three slide out drawers and a keyboard slide out counter. In addition, there two shelf units which provide storage areas and compartments for computer equipment.
This is a corner shelf made from a mahogany headboard of a canopy bed.

This is a toy box with detachable shelves.  The total measurements are 5'X5'X2'. The child's name is engraved on the box. This box was made to last forever.
These are two different examples of shelves. One is a simple, small shelf item, with a railing. The other is a 'bird house' shelf with a drawer on the bottom with a little bird perched on the top.

If you are interested in having customized wood-work created, you may reach me at (603) 539-6045. 

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