In The Beginning

My first introduction to the Bengal breed was when I went to visit Chloe and her mother and litter mates.  I was Captivated!!  I had always loved cats but these were something else.  I began checking out information regarding this breed and found there are several good books and lots of excellent resources such as or This breed began with the mating of an Asian Leopard Cat (felis bengalensis) or ALC with a domestic cat.

This is a picture of Taro, an ALC that lived at Bundas Cattery with Grace Lush for several years.

Taro has been a great asset to the breed.  He is the direct ancestor of some of my Bengal cats.

The kittens resulting from the mating of an ALC and a domestic cat are referred to as filial 1 (F-1).  Filial refers to the generation or the sequence of generations following the parental generation.  For example an F-1 Bengal is a domestic Bengal cat having a leopard cat parent; an F-2 Bengal is a domestic Bengal cat having a leopard cat grandparent, and so forth into infinity. 

Over the years the breed has progressed and evolved to a level that was hardly dreamed of but the breed continues to progress. Breeders are dedicated to the improvement of the Bengal breed.  Today some breeders work strictly with SBT cats (cats that are F-4s or beyond) while other breeders choose to work extensively with ALCs and earlier generation domestic Bengals, and others choose to work with a combination of leopard cats, early generation and SBT Bengals.   Past goals have been to capture the look of the ALC while enjoying an animal that can reside happily and comfortably within family homes. These goals continue today with an emphasis on good temperament.  Of recent years other goals have been identified by breeders to be worth striving for and to this end some breeders turn to the ALC for those traits they are seeking.

In my home at this time I have an F-1, a couple F-2s  and several SBTs. I show some of the SBTs. We enjoy the cats very much and love to watch their antics. They are very intelligent, curious, active and loving. Several sleep on my bed every night. Kittens are socialized from birth to produce loving trusting pets. We also provide them with toys and a chance to exercise.

Kelly and Chloe having fun.

My goals for my breeding program are to produce beautiful, smart, loving cats of good temperament that have smaller more rounded ears, faces that appear more wild or exotic with large eyes and puffy whisker pads. I like medium length thick tails and I want to see plush clear soft pelts with high, high contrast and lots of spots---and not just spots, but interesting spots; arrowheads or pawprints. Big spots, rosetted and down the back and on the legs and tail. Glitter is nice too.  I love snows and marbles; I like snows to be high contrast with vivid colored eyes and marbles to be bold tri-color. 

I hope you enjoy visiting us through this web site and check back often as there will be frequent changes. If you are in our area give me a call (603) 539-7431, to make plans to stop by and meet the gang in person.  You'll be glad you did!

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