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Hi, meet my son Tim (on the right) and Kelly, a young lady who used to reside with Tim and myself.
They both enjoy travel, Disney, going to camp, shopping, eating out, movies, videos, music, dancing, parties, friends and the bengals.

Tim has a few things he would like to share on his page.

Tim's Page


This is my oldest son, Rodney, and his two children, Zachary and Dianne. They live across the street.
Zac and Dianne love Day Care, living with Daddy, their home, their friends, learning new things and all the wonders of life to 4 and 5 year olds. And we all enjoy them.

Rod's interests, besides caring for his children include music, movies, friends and being creative--painting and making things out of wood. He especially loves to make use of some discarded item to produce something different and unique. 

He has a few pictures on his page to share.

Rod's Page


My name is Carolyn, here I'm with my good friend 'Chip' at Disney World.
Besides my family including the bengals I enjoy travel, Country & Western music, reading, sewing, friends, computer projects, and watching my grandchildren grow.

I really enjoy New Hampshire and what it has to offer in Natural Beauty and climate.  It is a state with long country roads, lots of mountains, waterfalls, covered bridges, rivers, lakes, and beautiful fall foliage all of which I love.

This photo shows Mt. Chocorua in the distance. There are several covered bridges in the state.

I am also quite involved in advocacy for people with Developmental Disabilities. I am very devoted to equal rights for all individuals and support the Civil Rights Movement of Self-Determination for people with disabilities  and Individualized Funding.

I am a member of a Parent/Guardian Group, we strive to improve the lives of individuals and try to impact the system such that their lives will become more 'normal'.

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